On Wednesday (April 8), shocking news began circulating on social media that model and rapper Chynna Rogers passed away at the young age of 25. At first, fans didn’t know if the news was true or not because outlets had yet to report it. However, a number of Chynna’s closest friends, as well as one of her cousins, confirmed the devastating news on their own social media accounts. Pitchfork later backed this reveal, as well.

One user named Ryan Rose tweeted: “I’ve never lost a girlfriend before bro. Chynna use to spend the night over my crib, I used to be over hers. I’d go out my way to see her in NYC, and she’d do the same whenever she was in LA. This is way too fuckin much. Over a decade in man love you Chizz.” You can see his tweet below.

Another close friend of the late talent, Quibi Brunson, also added: “Just lost another friend to drugs. I’m not going to be quiet about it. I’m tired of drug culture. Everything about it. Everything attached to it. I know there’s a bigger picture. But i don’t care right now. I’m so tired. And sad… Crying. I am so mad.” You can check those messages out below, as well.

Moreover, a third friend of Chynna’s, Gianna Lee, posted, “I remember when we was bucks eating chicken wings on my mother’s porch. I’ll never forget you Angel. RIP Chynna,” which you can also read below.

Chynna’s cousin also reportedly shared the news of her passing, too. As soon as everyone understood that the news was actually true, many others began paying tribute to the young star, who was closely affiliated with ASAP Mob.

Take a look at a number of friends and fans saying their goodbyes to West Philly’s own Chynna Rogers below. May she rest in eternal peace.