YoungBoy Never Broke Again continues to stay busy with a steady stream of new releases. For his latest, the Louisiana star delivers two new visuals — one for the BJ Beatz-produced, Steve Nash-inspired cut “Al Nash,” and the other for “Step On S***.” Both tracks are said to be taken from YoungBoy’s forthcoming project 38 Baby 2.

Both videos keep with YoungBoy’s street subject matter — while “Al Nash” gives a glossier feel thanks to Lyrical Lemonade’s Cole Bennett, “Step On S***” is much more in-your-face, with YoungBoy seemingly directing his lyrics at recent detractor and fellow hip hop peer Kodak Black:

“Look, ring around the rosy, p***y say he on me/

I’ma put his d*** inside his thugs, p***y n***a scared to be in the B, lyin’ like he in the streets/

Know he’ll be dead if we just where he was, so we miss steppin’ on them ducks/

Who you leave out in the field? N***a, yeach, herm said he just caught a new one, drilled, dummy dead/

Postin’ songs, don’t start preachin’ what you sayin’, p***y n***a/

We put s*** that sleep with Glocks like we got Xans in these pistols/”

YoungBoy has also recently found himself back in the news for personal reasons — it’s been reported that Floyd Mayweather’s daughter, Iyanna, was arrested after stabbing a woman over the rapper. According to reports, she entered YoungBoy’s residence and, claiming to be YoungBoy’s fiancee, attempted to have a woman present removed. An argument was said to have ensued and escalated into the alleged assault. Last year, YoungBoy dropped the single “Dirty Iyanna,” which flipped a Michael Jackson classic and further detailed his and Iyanna Mayweather’s apparently tumultous relationship.

Press play on both videos for “Al Nash” and “Step On S***” below. 38 Baby 2 is said to be on the way.