Currently, London giants Skepta, Chip and Young Adz are riding high off the release of their collaborative album Insomnia, an album that seems perfect for today’s current crisis with easy-going subject matter and upbeat production throughout. Following their visual for “Waze” comes another for the album opener “Mains,” which is named after Skepta’s popular clothing brand and sees the three talking that talk over Skepta’s own soundscape:

“What do you reckon? How I survive? Impeccable tekkers/

No point rocking a vest when you stepping/

Neck and above how n***as be wetting/

Cheffing, kweffing, shooting, booting, London’s mad/

End of discussion, f*** all the talk, my n***a, do sumtin’/

You’re not the GOAT, my n***a, you mutton/”

The visual comes courtesy of Kevin Hudson and keeps with the low-key nature of the song, with the artists chilling — or “quarantining,” perhaps — in a comfortable residence with some attractive women. It’s definitely the best possible way of getting through a pandemic that may last for months.

The trio also found the time to liberate some behind the scenes footage of the Insomnia sessions, which takes the viewer through the creation of the project via the artists and the producers that contributed. Speaking to Apple Music, Chip explained how the project came together:

“I told him, ‘You always say that, though, it’s been 10 years.’ This time, he’s like, ‘No, I’m serious, man, and we need to get Young Adz on a couple of tunes, too.’ I was working on a joint thing with Adz, kind of, just making tracks. They didn’t know each other, but I made sure we all met up the next day at 6pm, and it started.”

Press play on both Skepta, Chip and Young Adz new visual for “Mains,” as well as the aforementioned Insomnia behind the scenes footage, below, both courtesy of GRM Daily.