In March of 2019, Jillian Hervey and Lucas Goodman — collectively known as Lion Babe — released their second official album Cosmic Wind. Over the past month or so, the duo has been celebrating the one-year anniversary of their sophomore release with a couple of music videos for “Sexy Please” and “Different Planet.” To complete the intended trilogy, Lion Babe delivers the final visual piece for the album’s title track, which sees Jillian singing — and rapping — about love in abstract form:

“I’m lean, I’m rock, been making shit in my smock, I crop my top, all season long I’m too hot/

I’m poppin’ corn in my pot, I’m movin’ to a new spot, I feel a lot, so much but never can stop/

The love we got, can’t wait for this to take off, I know a place where you could get lost/

We frontin’ all the cost, so feminine, the big boss, so tell me let me know, tell me what you know…/”

The visual is as artsy as ever, showcasing the duo in the middle of the field just being beautiful in gold-themed outfits. Viewers can probably interpret the visual in many different ways, but no one can deny how well it matches the retro-soul feel of Lucas’ airy production.

Cosmic Wind also spawned visuals for “Honey Dew,” “The Wave” featuring Leikeli47, and “Western World,” which sees a classic verse from hip hop legend and Wu-Tang general Raekwon:

“On my Johnny Kemp s***, twist, roll a biscuit, I’m covered in silk, Rae stay consistent/

You know how I pop, it’s just the radiant glow I got that make me keep radio on lock/

All about love, we premiere, baby, we here, it’s like this, let me lighten your bliss/

Now bring joy to your boy, I insist, my guy right here, the Most High, said the Devil don’t exist/”

Press play on “Cosmic Wind” below. If you missed Lion Babe’s album of the same name, you can bless play on the beautifully funky offering here.