Plies is fed up with CEOs not paying enough money to their employees that risk their lives daily by working during the COVID-19 pandemic. Plies condemned their actions in a video posted to his Instagram account.

“I woke up this morning and I thought about it, and I said, Yeah y’all. This shit about ‘we the richest country in the world’ – I get all of that!” he said in the video. “But what I don’t get, you tell us a hundred thousand people gon’ die from this pandemic. Only 3,000 people that died so far. So that mean 97,000 more fuckin’ people gotta die.”

The “Rock” rapper then called out those same CEOs for being safe at home with their families while their underpaid workers are on the front line.

“And you got people out here, still on the fuckin frontline working,” he said. “Whether they at Publix, whether they at Walmart, whether they work at the bank, airline stewardess or fuckin’ doctors. People out here on the front line, still risking their fucking life, while all of you CEOs home, quarantining with your goddamn family.”

Plies ended the video by demanding the CEOs to pay their employees more for risking their lives while Coronavirus continues to spread throughout the country.

“And all I’m saying is, if they gon’ risk they fucking life, pay ‘em like they fucking risking they life!” he said. “You don’t risk your fuckin’ life for no nine dollars an hour, no $11 an hour. No fucking $30 an hour. Pay ‘em like they fucking risking they life!”

Fans flooded the comments praising Plies for using his platform to speak out against what’s going on. One fan wrote, “Plies speaks the truth every time. Pay these people out here risking their lives daily like you’re paying these politicians.” Another wrote, “exactly what I been saying. I work at Walmart DC they giving us a lil bonus but it could be much more giving that they are a billion dollar company..Preach brother.”

Check out Plies’ Instagram video below.