After dealing with some unfortunate legal issues and tabloid drama, it looks like DaBaby is back to serving up quality tunes to his fanbase. Earlier this week, comedian/actress B. Simone posted a photo on her social media that seemed to confirm a relationship between her and the North Carolina star. As it turns out, it was all promotion for a new short film by DaBaby titled “Find My Way,” which was released today and sees him harmonizing about his ride or die chick:

“I keep it loaded when I ride ’cause I’m still a n***a/

I f*** with her to ease my mind, ‘cause I be in my feelings/

And every single person in my life tell me I’m their hero/

But when it’s up and then go down, they treat me like the villain/

Guess I forgot to mention/

I’m just a n***a with a broken heart tryna find my way back home/

And I’m sittin’ here with the car in park while she ride d*** to my song…/”

The short film — directed by Reel Goats — tells a Bonnie & Clyde-style story, as DaBaby and B. Simone find themselves resorting to crime, only to later find themselves in a shootout with the police at a motel. Viewers will have to watch until the end for its tragic outcome.

Last year saw DaBaby land at the top of hip hop’s current echelon, thanks to two albums — Baby On Baby and the number one Kirk — and a slew of chart-topping hits, including “Shug,” “Baby” with Lil Baby, and “Bop.” He also recently joined Drake on Lil Yachty’s new single “Oprah’s Bank Account.” He also recently revealed that the aforementioned projects are now both certified Platinum, further adding to DaBaby’s still very young career.

You can press play on “Find My Way” below, available on all major streaming platforms.