Having been through a few different situations within her career, Bia look to find long-lasting success via her recent partnership with Epic Records. Over the weekend, she blessed her fans with the new single “Free Bia (First Day Out),” which sees her getting her label frustrations out over production from Lil Rich:

“Somebody’s tryna get rid of me, they trading follows for dignity/

Don’t want me rich, don’t call me your homie, I don’t like my money coming in slowly/

Tryna buy momma a house, but these fucking crackers still owe me/

I’m not no slave, I’m not no dog in no cage, I give my masters to Sony/

Bitch it ain’t sweet and if you thinking you know me, I’m giving God all your glory/

Do me a favor, don’t say you did me no favors…/”

The accompanying visual sees Bia locked in an a room lines with random newspapers. She’s eventually freed by her crew, who all then hit the highway to an unknown location with stacks of money and plenty of guns. The clip ends with Bia & Co. reaching their destination before firing bullets out of the window, leaving the viewers hyped for the next part of the story.

Bia is probably best known for her appearance on “Sisterhood of Hip Hop,” as well as being aligned with Fam-Lay and Pharrell Williams, eventually signing to the latter’s I Am Other imprint. In regards to releasing music, she’s been fairly sporadic — she released her Nice Girls Finish Last: Cuidado EP back in 2018 and has guest featured on tracks with J Balvin, Chantal Jeffries, Russ and more. She also dropped the single “One Minute Warning” last year.

You can press play on “Free Bia (First Day Out)” below, which is available on all major streaming platforms. Her official debut album will hopefully be arriving soon.