Many parts of the United States – and the world for that matter – are on lockdown, as the spread of Coronavirus has escalated quickly, and government officials are trying to lessen and eventually eliminate it. From China, Japan, Italy, the U.K., America and more, countries and the residents of them are taking many precautionary measures to fight the virus. This is why staying home at this time is of the utmost importance – and REVOLT is here to help make this time more enjoyable for you.

In the United States, a number of state governors have issued shutdowns to enforce social distancing. They’ve done so by closing a number of different non-essential places that large numbers of people usually visit such as restaurants, beaches, bars, nightclubs, and more. Now, in a lot of these cities, residents are only allowed to leave their homes for grocery shopping, to go to the pharmacy or to take walks. This is where we, the No. 1 Hip Hop network, come in.

Beginning on Tuesday (March 31), REVOLT will be available to watch on AT&T, Cincinnati Bell, FiOS, Fubo and Frontier for 30 days, and Sling TV beginning on April 1. You know what that means? For the next month, TV watchers will have the opportunity to check out REVOLT’s exclusive Hip Hop programming at absolutely no cost. From “State of the Culture,” “The Breakfast Club,” “Drink Champs,” our music blocks, movies and more, our content will be available for you.

“REVOLT is in a unique position as its content is squarely positioned with the Gen Hip Hop audience (that is Millennial & Gen Z), much of whom are particularly craving alternative content,” said Angela Turner, SVP, Affiliate & Consumer Marketing. “Several partners have signed on for the free-view offer, available thru July 1, and conversations continue with many others.”

Let the REVOLT binge-watching begin!