S1 E8 | LunchMoney Lewis


S1 E8 | LunchMoney Lewis


“No Sleeping in the Trophy Room” is REVOLT’s digital series hosted by Carlos Del Valle. This sit-down style show is a conversation series fueled by motivation, experience and truth, where Del Valle interviews successful individuals across different industries.

On today’s (March 30) episode of “No Sleeping In The Trophy Room,” host Los Antonio puts it best: “This time is definitely going to tell who did what with their time.”

In the first couple weeks of nationwide social distancing, the hip hop community has decidedly led the charge on homemade entertainment for the masses. We’ve already gone from an epic DJ set from DJ D-Nice, watched Swae Lee crowd surf in an empty studio, tuned in religiously to Tory Lanez’s Emmy-worthy commentary, and have indulged in our fair share of heated battles among the industry top producers and songwriters. While the world attempts to make sense of a new normal, it’s safe to say that distractions have arrived in full abundance. But, for multi-platinum hyphenate and “No Sleeping In The Trophy Room” guest LunchMoney Lewis, he’s opted for a more toned-down pace.

”I’m just staying inside, staying out the way. Doing a lot of thinking, a lot of reading, a lot of planning,” says the LunchBox records honcho. “It’s self-reflecting times right now… I’m enjoying it, weirdly.”

In the sit-down, Lewis reasons that his initial focuses were honed in making sure his family and staff members were taken care of during these times, citing the non-discriminatory nature of COVID-19 and the havoc its wreaked on members of the music industry across all tiers.

”I’m still paying my staff that works for me directly,” he added. “I think it was important that I made sure I took care of my staff through all of this.”

His decency didn’t stop there either, as Lewis’ next act would involve taking to social media to reach out to families in need including one mother whose blue-collar husband was laid off from a South Carolina factory.

”There are people out there who aren’t in our position who need essentials. The everyday things to just live,” the artist continued.

It’s only after these boxes checked off that Lewis has been able to revert himself back to the music. By his measure, as households across the world begin to settle into social distancing, they’ll soon be ready to consume art as they once did. Naturally, Lewis concludes that some form of escapism will lurk at the root. Yet, he’s still not in any particular rush to impart his art in the midst of the current content overload.

”I’ve never been an oversaturated type of person,” said Lewis. “I like to do it right when I do it. So, even in these times, I’m the same.”

He went on to highlight the notion of “creativity with purpose,” voicing his preference to await inspiration before creating, while presenting us with the activities he has taken up in the meantime. For the Miami-bred artist, it’s included learning to speak Spanish, cooking and enjoying a healthier lifestyle at home, and making clear attempts at growing both intellectually and musically.

“It’s a time to learn if you don’t know something… I’m interested to see what creativity comes out of this,” he declared.

Lewis admits that while he played things by ear focusing on more immediate needs, the influx of content from artists and creators have certainly set him up with a spark to throw his own art into the mix. The artist remains fixed on the opportunity at large for the world to benefit from art in all its forms. Although his catalog is well-enough endowed to take part in one of these infamous IG Live battles, he offers no official confirmation of just when and how that art of his will manifest. But, the purpose remains intact.

”Now I’m inspired. Now I want to add my contribution musically,” he said, adding that artists should be prepared to give the general public “something to dance to, something to smile… The best art in the world comes from these dire straits.”

Like many of his peers, Lewis is maintaining as much of a positive outlook that can come from the current circumstances. He stresses the importance of leading with this same energy if there’s to be any productive outcome at the end of such times.

”Put everything aside and try to figure out how to help each other in a positive way,” he affirmed. Failure to adopt such a mindset, per the talent, could very well hinder any impact that artists hope to make from home. Watch the full interview above.