Instagram Live battles between producers and songwriters have become our daily entertainment during the pandemic. There’s been Timbaland versus Swizz Beatz, Johntá Austin versus Ne-Yo, and The Dream versus Sean Garrett.

Now, fans are debating who would win in a battle between Quincy Jones and Kanye West and it’s all thanks to a DJ who tweeted that West has produced better music than Jones.

DJ Green Villain took to Twitter to express his opinion that West is a better producer than Jones. While his original tweet has been deleted, he still has tweets up that show where he stands in the debate.

After tweeting that the production on My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy was better than Thriller, DJ Green Villain is now calling for a battle between West and Jones.

He tweeted, “Look, y’all wanna RT some shit put this out there, I’ll go song for song. Kanye vs Quincy Jones production. I’m puttin money up on it. If you not gonna go song for song for money, stop mentioning me.”

His opinion was met by heavy criticism by social media users. One person tweeted, “A Dj saying Quincy Jones isn’t that big of a deal is the main reason why I dont fucc with half these djs now. Just hipsters with NO music knowledge. Quincy gave us Thriller…Shutcho young dumbass up. Nobody will ever will repeat that.”

Another tweeted, “‘What else did Quincy Jones do other than Michael Jackson albums’ sweetie, we will be here all night WTF do you mean 😥.”

Chuck D has even chimed in on the debate. He tweeted, “People that don’t know Quincy Jones work obviously and clearly use their phones for a toy rather than a tool.”

Who do you think would win a production battle between Quincy Jones and Kanye West?

Check out the tweets from DJ Green Villain and some Twitter reactions below.