Producers Hit-Boy and Boi-1da set social media ablaze on Friday (March 27) night with their IG Live production battle, and it was all thanks to the never-before-heard greatness that they introduced watchers’ ears to.

The battle was going pretty smoothly at the beginning for the most part. However, things soon started getting real and we were here for it. Boi-1da decided to switch things up and started playing an unreleased track by Drake and Roddy Ricch. That quickly got social media’s attention – more than the beginning of the battle – and from then on, people knew that the real beat fight was about to go down.

From there, Hit-Boy busted out an unreleased song by the one and only Nas, and of course, it was hot. But, the producer wasn’t done yet. He had one more trick up his sleeve and he knew that it would be the final kill.

Right before the battle was over, Hit-Boy broke social media when he started playing a never-before-heard song by Big Sean and the legendary late Nipsey Hussle. Sean, who was also in the studio with the producer, started hugging and laughing Hit-Boy when he pulled this trick out, and it was soon clear who the winner of the night would be.

“Fuck rap, I’m a street legend,” were the lyrics that caught everyone’s ears. And almost immediately, real ones knew that, that voice belonged to Neighborhood Nip. “Shout out Nipsey Hussle, nigga. Rest in peace!” Hit-Boy shouted on IG Live, as the track played. “Detroit 2, nigga. Detroit 2. Shout out my nigga, Big Sean.” By saying that, the producer confirmed that the unreleased song was going to be featured on Big Sean’s upcoming album, which he announced would be titled Detroit 2 earlier this week.

Peep a snippet of the track below.

Plus, check out some social media reactions about it below.