Outspoken rapper Joyner Lucas has finally released his highly anticipated album ADHD on Friday (March 27). Many first discovered the Worcester, Massachusetts spitter because of his viral 2017 hit “I’m Not Racist,” and features alongside Eminem and Logic in the years that followed. After leaving his record deal and going independent, the delay is over and we’ve finally been blessed with his project.

It includes the single “Lotto,” which dropped earlier this month. Many of the songs on ADHD were released over the past two years, however, including “I Love,” “Isis,” “Devil’s Work,” “Broke and Stupid,” “Revenge,” and “10 Bands.” From a look at the tracklist, there is still a lot of fresh material here including several skits.

ADHD is the follow up to 508-507-2209, which dropped back in 2017, and Angels & Demons, a project he released in collaboration with Chris Brown. Young Thug assists on the track “The War” and Fabolous and King OSF come through on “Still Can’t Love.” While the rapper admitted that Fab’s name was accidentally misspelled on the tracklist, Lucas blamed the error on guess what? Yup, his ADHD — pun fully intended.

Lucas, who is both an artist and entrepreneur, took his time with the album and its accompanying visuals. The album includes “Will,” which has a video that earned the artist a cosign from none other than his idol Will Smith. The Bad Boys for Life actor posted his reaction to Instagram and said, “That joint is crazy,” as well as expressed how the song and video humbled him. Smith also mentioned how he hopes to meet Lucas one day.

Could this mean that the Fresh Prince and Lucas may collaborate in the future? Only time will tell. Such praise is well earned especially considering the ADHD rapper endured backlash for a recent joke that his fans weren’t too happy about.

Showing his sense of humor, Lucas tweeted that Coronavirus would further delay his album. See the joke that went wrong below.

Thankfully, without further ado, you can check out ADHD below and decide for yourself if it was worth the wait.