Earlier this week, Slim Thug revealed he’d been diagnosed with Coronavirus. As the US becomes embattled with more confirmed cases daily, the Thug Life rapper spoke with Vibe about how he’s been coping with the illness.

“I was definitely surprised because I was trying to be precautious way earlier than a lot of people,” he said about initially testing positive for the novel virus. “I started to feel a headache and a fever and I’ve never had those symptoms so I thought, ‘Man this Corona time, it’s got to be something.’”

Besides a slight fever and cough, Thug says he’s felt mostly asymptomatic. However, he warned his fans to self-quarantine if they feel sick and to practice social distancing as much as possible.

“It’s serious and it can be deadly, but at the end of the day, if you’re young and healthy and don’t have any other underlying conditions, then you should be able to fight it off,” he said. “My doctor shared how the only thing you can do is stay home and let it run its course. He said to drink a high volume of fluids like vitamin c to keep your immune system up.”

Although Thug has been social distancing, he did reveal he’d gotten a haircut the week before his diagnosis.

“It’s real and people should take it seriously,” he continued. “Especially for young people. You could pass it on, it could be deadly to somebody you love. You have to be a human and say, ‘I have to protect others by not being reckless.’”

Like Styles P, Thug has also looked into homeopathic remedies for his symptoms, including oregano oil and black seed oil.

“I’m trying everything from boiling orange peels to elderberry,” he shared. “I’m trying to stay on it, I feel good. I go outside and post up in the sun and try to drink hot tea during the day.”

Today (March 27), Thug released his Thug Life album, which sees features from Z-Ro, Yung Al, Le$ Mug and Scarface, who was also recently diagnosed with Coronavirus.

Stream Thug Life below.