For his latest, Trav takes a break from the streets to give his lover some needed attention. On the new single “You Choose,” the Queens emcee keeps it real with his special womanL

“Let’s be honest, rather eat your p***y ‘fore I go to Benihana’s/

Rather eat McDonald’s before I do a diner, I be so faded off of the drugs, I can’t hide it/

Girl, if you givin’ out a free sample, let me try it, girl, if you sellin’ that p***y, please let me buy it/

Ayy, I’m gone off Patrón, yeah, I don’t wanna sleep alone…/”

The laid-back cut also features assistance from Canadian star Tory Lanez, who matches Trav’s subject matter with his own Auto-Tuned intensity:

Shawty, you know that I got opps so ain’t no way we dinin’ in/

It’s four up in the mornin’, only thing open is if you drivin’ in ‘em, divin’ in ‘em/

Tryna eat it up like fast food, yeah/

I been in hypnotic, feel like it’s tattooed, yeah/

Four up in the mornin’ and I’m in that mood, yeah/

Four up in the mornin’, don’t treat me like that dude, yeah/

Gimme the lightsI wanna give it, you got it, well, give it to me…/

Trav has been busy lately, having already delivered the singles — and visuals for — “Mexico” and the Lil Durk-assisted “Real N***a Party.” He also recently joined Jim Jones in his latest clip for the El Capo cut “Love Of The Hustle.” Prior to these releases, Trav blessed his fans with 2016’s Push 3 and 2017’s QRAK.

You can press play on “You Choose” below. In related news, Tory Lanez has been cooking up new tunes as well — he’s already dropped off cuts like “K Lo K,” “Broke In A Minute,” and “W,” which all may or may not appear on his forthcoming project The New Toronto 3.