Although he joked that the coronavirus pandemic would impede ADHD, it appears Joyner Lucas’ next album is really arriving this Friday (March 27). Making things even more legit, the “I’m Sorry” rapper shared the project’s tracklist to Instagram on Tuesday (March 24).

“12am midnight,” Joyner wrote. “3/27/20.”

The album will include previous teaser tracks “I Love,” “Devil’s Work,” “Isis” featuring Logic, “ADHD,” “Broke and Stupid,” “Revenge,” “Lotto,” “Will” and “10 Bands,” which features Timbaland. New album cuts will include the Young Thug-collaborated “The War” and a collaboration with Fabolous and King OSF on “Still Can’t Love.”

ADHD will also see Joyner and Chris Brown teaming back up on “Finally.” The two artists previously worked together on a handful of singles from their joint project Angels & Demons, which has yet to arrive. Teaser singles for the album included 2018’s “Stranger Things,” “I Don’t Die” and “Just Let Go.”

Similarly to Angels & Demons, Joyner’s ADHD has suffered several delays. The rapper left his Atlanta Records deal and is currently back to being an independent artist. When “Revenge” aired as Zane Lowe’s World Record last month, Joyner spoke to Lowe about the new single and how his newfound independence will lead to more consistent music releases.

“I was in a bad mood when I did that song. It’s always fun, man,” he said about “Revenge.” “This music stuff to me is always fun. It’s not a job to me. It’s my life, it’s like a hobby.”

“After I release ADHD, from that point on I plan on releasing another two projects in March,” he continued. “What I decided in 2020, I was gonna be one of the most consistent artists. I’m not really a huge fan of going on tour because it takes away from my focus of making music and I’m spending a lot of time away from my son. I decided not to go tour and I decided just to focus on music.”

Watch Joyner’s video for “Will,” which he just dropped today (March 25), below.