Styles P believes he may have had Coronavirus back in January. Although The Lox rapper was never formally diagnosed, he hopped on Twitter on Sunday (March 22) to reveal that he previously suffered from severe flu-like symptoms, which he believes were from the novel virus.

“I almost died in January. And I never get the flu and if I do it’s a day or two,” he wrote. “In January I was down for a week and lost about 8 pounds!! I had the rona!! It had to be the Rona!!! I did mad black seed oil and went on a juice / tea diet and rested ! Go for it !!”

Besides sharing the news, Styles reminded his Twitter followers of the importance of social distancing amidst the ongoing pandemic.

“I’m no doctor but stay away from people n do things to boost your immune system n rest up,” he wrote in one tweet.

Among his series of tweets, the Presence rapper also included a few natural home remedies he used to subdue his flu-like symptoms.

“Black seed oil, oil of oregano, ginger lemon and turmeric juiced with cayenne pepper on top, super lysine pills,” he listed. “Elderberry syrup and Epsom salts baths and prayers and deep breathing!!”

While Styles was never diagnosed with Coronavirus, several celebrities have been. Idris Elba’s wife Sabrina recently tested positive for the virus, following her husband’s diagnosis. Last Tuesday, Idris hosted a Live Q&A on his Twitter to answer fans’ questions while he and his wife were self-quarantining at home.

“My temperature is fine, I don’t have a fever… I haven’t been coughing too much,” he revealed during the Live. “In general, I have been feeling ok.”

Other celebrities diagnosed with the illness have included Rita Wilson, Tom Hanks and several Los Angeles Lakers, Brooklyn Nets and Utah Jazz players.