While COVID-19 continues to enforce business and school closures, as well as the implementation of contingency plans, AT&T has created a $10 million fund in support of parents, teachers and students who have been affected by Coronavirus. The company has created a Distance Learning and Family Connections Fund, which will provide parents, students and teachers with the necessary tools for at-home learning. The fund will also grant resources that will allow opportunities for connecting and bonding, especially for those who are isolated from their loved ones.

“Our country is grappling with an unprecedented challenge,” said Randall Stephenson, chairman and CEO of AT&T Inc in a press release. “Now more than ever before, connecting people with the resources they need to maintain a sense of normalcy is paramount. For students and teachers, that means creating the best digital learning environment. For families, that means simply staying connected to loved ones. Over the coming weeks and months, we’re committed to standing alongside the communities where we live and work, as we navigate through this trying time.”

Following the launch of the $10 million Distance Learning and Family Connections Fund, it’s first contribution of $1 million went to the Khan Academy to “improve and expand online learning resources to meet growing demand from parents, teachers and students,” according to the release.

The contribution will also aid in the development of new resources in light of the recent school closures due to COVID-19.

Google.org has also donated $1 million to support this online learning initiative.

”AT&T and Google.org have been committed supporters of Khan Academy,” said Sal Khan, founder and CEO of Khan Academy. “We’re grateful that they’re helping us respond quickly to school closures so everyone can keep learning at home.”

An estimated 47 million students are currently learning from home as schools have since been closed due to the outbreak of Coronavirus.