Lecrae has teamed up with non-profit organization Love Beyond Walls to distribute hand washing stations throughout the city of Atlanta.

Lecrae and Love Beyond Walls have assembled 15 stations, filled with water and hand sanitizer, to pass out in areas with a high density of homeless people.

“I wanted to continue doing the same stuff that I have been doing just in any city I’ve lived in and that’s just being close to the disenfranchised and the marginalized communities,” Lecrae said.

Terence Lester, the founder of Love Beyond Walls, said that people who are less fortunate are in need during the Coronavirus pandemic.

“You know, whether people like it or not, man we’re out here doing our part to ensure that people have access to this basic necessity during this pandemic,” Lester told the AP.

In an open letter to Billboard about restoration during the time of the Coronavirus pandemic, the Grammy winner talked about how his collaboration with Love Beyond Walls came about.

“I’ve been following COVID-19 closely since it’s become a pandemic and I want to remind people THIS IS NOT THE END!” he wrote. “While we can heed the Center for Disease Control and Prevention’s recommendation to stay away from others who are sick, avoid crowds, and properly wash our hands, I can’t help but think about those living on the street who have no way to bathe or wash their hands. People who may eat, sleep, and congregate so close to each other that social distancing is not possible.”

He continued, “That led me to get involved when I heard Love Beyond Walls was preparing to plant portable handwashing stations around the Atlanta metro area for homeless and displaced people to clean their hands in response to the coronavirus.”

“Partnering with organizations like Love Beyond Walls is one way we can serve humanity right now,” he wrote. “It takes both faith and action to provide real restoration in our communities and world. Jesus washed feet, now we have an opportunity to wash hands and provide that same type of restoration in a modern way.”