Kelis has announced her upcoming Netflix cooking competition series called, “Cooked with Cannabis.” The inaugural season will include six episodes and be co-hosted by the “Milkshake” singer and chef Leather Storrs, with a fitting release date on 4/20.

According to Pitchfork, each episode will feature three professional chefs who will compete against each other to create the best three-course marijuana-infused dishes, for a grand prize of $10,000. The upcoming season will see several high-profile dining guests, including Ricki Lake, Too $hort and Run the Jewels’ El-P.

Kelis first announced the series in an Instagram post, where she showed off her new Netflix-inspired manicure.

“I‘m really excited to announce my new show, Cooked with Cannabis on [Netflix!!]” she wrote on Wednesday (March 19). “Anyone that knows me, knows how much I love my Netflix, so this is a dream come true. Interestingly, this was one of those things that I didn’t go looking for, it kind of came to me.”

“As a chef, I was intrigued by the food and as an everyday person, I was interested in how powerful this topic is in today’s society,” she continued. “In this country, many things have been used systematically to oppress groups of people, but this is so culturally important for us to learn and grow together. I hope you all will tune in, it’s definitely going to be a good time! We launch on 4/20!”

During an interview Food & Wine, the singer and chef spoke further about the powerful experience she’s had co-hosting the show.

“It moved your heart in ways you didn’t expect it to, because it is so culturally important,” she said. “In this country, there are so many things that have been used systematically to oppress groups of people, so this could be all fun and games, but you look at it and go, you know what, this is important. People’s lives have been affected in a really positive and negative way, and how do we take some control back?”

Last month, Kelis released an expanded edition of her Neptunes-produced debut album Kaleidoscope in celebration of the 1999 record’s 20th anniversary. She was slated to head out on a European anniversary tour, which has now been postponed due to Coronavirus social distancing efforts.