Currently, Rico Nasty is putting the final touches on her forthcoming release Nightmare Vacation. In a past interview with Complex, the Maryland talent spoke on what fans can expect from the project:

Nightmare Vacation is a more evolved version of Sugar Trap… It’s playing on those super aggressive sounds along with these super melodic shapes. I don’t want to say it’s the same thing I’ve been doing, because they don’t sound like the old melodic songs. It’s different. There’s no rock. There are no rock cadences on it. It’s a vibe. It makes you feel good, makes you feel happy.”

This week, she gifts the fans with a new visual from Nightmare Vacation for “Lightning,” which is directed by Robert Henry, Nate P, and Anthony Brown and sees a headphone-wearing Rico throwing money out of a Tesla on a rooftop. The track — produced by KC Supreme and Nick Mira — matches the energy, as she raps about her amassed wealth, daring mother nature to come down on her if she’s not being honest:

“People only like to tell the truth when they gettin’ exposed/

All this pressure comin’ in, it feel like I’m ‘bout to explode/

I got a nasty b***h, she wolly and oh yeah, she triflin’/

And all my diamonds as you know, they always f***in’ shinin’/

Comin’ with vengeance, I ain’t trippin’ off no imperfection/

Money comin’ in from different ways like it’s an intersection/

Okay, I had a little, made it extra, keep on runnin’, tell ‘em catch up/

I figured out what was goin’ on when I put two and two together…/”

Since the release of last year’s Anger Management with Kenny Beats, Rico Nasty has been dropping loose singles left and right, including “Time Flies,” “Fashion Week” and January’s “IDGAF.” Whether or not these will make the upcoming project is yet to be seen.

You can press play on “Lightning” below. Nightmare Vacation will hopefully arrive sooner than later.