Last month, Kamaiyah blessed the fans with her third official release Got It Made, which boasts ten new tracks from the Bay Area star and appearances from J. Espinosa, Too $hort, Trina and Capolow. Speaking to The Face, Kamaiyah spoke on how the album came together:

“I pulled producers from the past to put their touches on the project because I want to keep my brand and sound sonically consistent. It’s an elevation from A Good Night in The Ghetto. My debut mixtape was a moment. I needed a good night at that moment in my life. Now, I need a manual to success. I’m no longer a young lady. I’m a woman. This project is for a woman who is business-oriented. What’s your motivation? What’s your hustle? How are you manoeuvring? How are you going to make sure all these things that you want comes to fruition?”

Over the weekend, she liberated a new visual from the project for “Whatever Whenever.” Produced by Nyrell and CT Beats, “Whatever Whenever” sees Kamaiyah flexing on wax, reminding the listener that she is the H.N.I.C. with zero competition:

“I make all the s*** these real n***as feel/

These b***hes hype, but I know I been a bigger deal/

Rich, but I’m a n***a still/

Just drink champagne with all my chicken meals/

My wrist’s diamonds bigger than/

That lil’ crib that you got your mama chillin’ in/

Had a small one and got a bigger Benz/

I live the real life you b***hes think y’all livin’ in…/”

The Damien Sandavol-directed visual sees Kamaiyah living it up in and around a castle, while everything around her gets psychedelic, including bending trees and color-changing animals. Inside the estate, she can be seen rapping to her doppelgänger, sitting in a room set ablaze and more.

Press play on “Whatever Whenever” below.