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REVOLT TV is celebrating Women’s History Month with a finely curated playlist full of feminine energy. Honoring the future of music we present “Women to Watch 2020.”

The playlist includes hits from hip hop and R&B artists who are dominating in their lanes. The women are unique, fiery, passionate and full of skill. They are steps ahead of the game, and produce products that speaks true to their creativity. Standing as future trailblazers of the music industry, they are taking a stance for those up next, and inspiring the next generation of female artists.

As we continue to honor women of the past and present, now is the perfect time to highlight the future of the divine women. Check out REVOLT’s Women to Watch 2020 playlist below!

1. “Whoa” – Snoh Aalegra

Snoh Aalegra has planted herself in mainstream R&B after releasing her latest album; Ugh, those feels again, which is full of soft ballads that have earned her a spot on REVOLT’s Women to Watch playlist. “Whoa” features an upbeat tempo laced with her smooth voice and melodic lyrics. Naming her work “cinematic soul” Snoh’s break into the R&B realm is one destined for longevity.

2. “Love Songs (Remix)” featuring 6lack – Kaash Paige

Nineteen-year-old Kaash Paige hopped on the scene straight from Texas with her hit “Love Songs.” The song bloomed with help from TikTok users, putting the viral hit on Billboards Hot R&B Songs chart just before her Parked Car Convos EP dropped at the end of 2019. Now with a buzzing career and cosigns from R&B’s hottest, Kaash’s journey is just beginning. “2020 holds the world for Kaash. I’m working on new music, doing more shows and just spreading good energy and positive vibes,” she told REVOLT.

3. “fubu” – Ambré

Next on the list is Grammy-winning singer/songwriter Ambré with her dreamy love song “fubu.” As an artist, her inspiration derives from normalcy and artists whose work are as eclectic as she is. “My influences come from the most minute things, like conversations with friends, people watching or if I hear a word I like,” she told us. “As far as artists who’ve inspired me, I’ll always say Andre 3000, James Fauntleroy, Frank Ocean and Brandy.” Her first EP Pulp shows off her unique style with aesthetically pleasing visuals to match. Floating on her own path, her 2020 is all about being herself and building upon her creativity.

4. “Selfish feat. Cleo Sol” – Little Simz

Little Simz is no newcomer to the game. With multiple awards under her belt and vouches from Ms. Lauryn Hill, the British rapper breaks through genre barriers by creating a sound of her own. “Selfish” leaves its mark as a cool bop full of tokens promoting self-love with smooth vocals from Cleo Sol to top the track. With powerful lyrics, Little Simz will not only break genre lines, but borderlines, as she hits mainstream success in America’s rap scene.

5. “in too deep” – ilham

ilham finds her place on the list with the hypnotizing “in too deep.” With honest lyrics, she novels her life with buttery vocals on her latest EP, with time. The Queensbridge-bred, Ivy League graduate turned singer stands as a modern-day testament that you can make it from the projects to the mainstream if you push forward and believe. With a calling and purpose in her heart, ilham is up next.

6. “Beetlejuice” – Mariah the Scientist

Atlanta singer Mariah the Scientist hit the list of women to watch after releasing a mesmerizing album titled Master. The lead single, “Beetlejuice” glimpses into her sultry sounds speaking to a modern romance full of ups and downs. Her honesty is the fuel to her artistry. As an artist on the rise, it’s best to get hip to Mariah the Scientist now, as she’s set to hit the stage at various festivals this year.

7. “Can’t Explain It” featuring Charlie Wilson – CHIKA

Natural lyricist CHIKA makes the list with “Can’t Explain It,” which features vocals from Charlie Wilson. Standing up for herself, women and what she believes in, the artist has been making way since the moment she began creating. “To me, Women’s History Month means being unapologetically yourself,” said the Alabama rapper. “I feel for me, this is the year of exploration and also a year of finally seeing the seeds that I’ve planted fully bloom and reaping my harvest.” Having just released a new EP INDUSTRY GAMES, she continues to gracefully fire shots at opposing forces. “2020 for CHIKA is the year of world domination. I’m here to completely change the face of music. The scope of what we’re doing and the landscape of what it’s looked like.”

8. “B*tch From Da Souf” – Mulatto

Mulatto came to the scene knowing exactly who she was. “B*tch From Da Souf” tells it like it is, just as she faithfully does. “I write my own music, so the influence or motivation for each record is literally how I’m feeling or my vibe that day wherever I’m at,” she says. “I choose a beat that matches my mood at the moment, whether it be ratchet, lit, sexy, raw, lyrical and go from there. Something as little as getting my hair done before I go to the studio can bring a whole different vibe.” Mulatto’s confidence shines through her music. “[I] be feeling myself and it’ll reflect in the record. I’ll be popping my shit!” she adds. Proving belief in self is the key, there’s no stopping a woman with her mind on the prize. “Ima just continue to work my ass off. It’s working. Bigger and better visuals, music, features, production, shows, etc. I work hard and pray harder so I know God’s plan for me is crazy. It’s no telling what’s in store! I just know it’s only up from here,” the rapper closes.

9. “Psycho (Remix)” featuring Rico Nasty – Jucee Froot

Jucee Froot and Rico Nasty equate to a powerful duo. The Memphis-bred Jucee Froot steps on the beat full of force and ready to go. Together, she and Rico Nasty share explosive energy, mastering the track bar for bar. Setting herself up as one to watch, she recently released her debut album, Black Sheep, which features the remix to “Psycho,” and rappers such as Rico Nasty and fellow Memphis legend Juicy J. With natural charisma and skill, Jucee Froot unapologetically holds her own and stands rooted in herself. “The influences and motivation behind my music are my son, my fans and everything that inspires me,” Rico told us. “2020 holds my debut album can’t wait to share it with the world.”

10. “FlowerChild” – Saint Bodhi

Previously known in the industry as a songwriter, Saint Bodhi is now stepping into the forefront and adding singer to her resume. Her debut single “FlowerChild” features her alt-R&B style, which demonstrates her pen game and ability to tell eccentric stories that has attracted some of the biggest names in the game. With just one song on her solo roster, she’s already become one to watch due to her impressive way with words.

11. “What You Did” featuring Ella Mai – Mahalia

British singer/songwriter Mahalia spent years honing in on her skill. Her hit song featuring Ella Mai, “What You Did,” also samples Cam’ron’s “Oh Boy” fusing hip hop and R&B perfectly. “When writing my songs, it almost always comes down to what I’m inspired by in that moment,” she shared. “All of my songs come from a really personal place. They’re all situations that I’ve been through.” Her debut album, Love and Compromise, gave insight into the mind of a 21-year-old hopeless romantic. “I write my music honestly and openly in the hope that others will hear and find strength in it. Essentially, that’s the most important thing to me,” she adds. “If I can lift people up through my music, I’m winning. Regardless of anything else.” Already having multiple award nominations and a buzzing career, she’s ready to give some love back to herself and her music. She admits: “2020 for me is about starting a new chapter. I spent so much time on the road last year that this time is really about slowing down and finding out about myself, and where I want to go next. It’s an exciting time right now and nothing is impossible!”

12. “Easy Breezy” – Kiana Ledé

Having been in the entertainment industry since childhood, Kiana Ledé is popping out as a fusion of pop, R&B and hip hop. An artist to watch, the 22-year-old singer’s “Easy Breezy” shows off her signature sound. The young songstress has been working hard to perfect her truest voice. On April 3, 2020, she’ll introduce herself to the masses with the release of her album Kiki, which her latest singles “Mad At Me” and “Forfeit” featuring Lucky Daye are featured on.

13. “Leave Em Alone featuring City Girlz & PnB Rock” – Layton Greene and Lil Baby

As Quality Control’s first R&B artist, Layton Greene is already making history. Featured on the label’s compilation album Control the Streets, Volume 2 with the hit “Leave Em Alone,” she kicks off the song with a verse and handles the chorus with ease. The chart-hitting song gained recognition from fans and critics, as well as endorsements from one of her influences Kehlani. With so many motivating forces behind her and the QC family fully supporting her, nothing can stop Layton Greene from reaching the top.

14. “Nasty” – Blimes and Gab

“Nasty” hits the playlist with boasting hip hop energy. The nostalgic sound Blimes and Gab created have put them in the high ranks of women rappers to watch for years to come. The duo with undeniable chemistry goes bar for bar, bouncing off metaphors with precision and wit. They’ve given themselves the title of badass aunties who secure the B.A.G., empowering women to be the boss without apologizing for asserting yourself in the game.

15. “Comic Sans featuring Jack Harlow” – Audrey Nuna

Audrey Nuna makes the list with her lyrically fire “Comic Sans.” The Korean-American rapper from New Jersey has been dropping music for the past two years — each unlike the other. Her latest, raunchy and upbeat “Comic Sans” shows off her ability to change the tempo and mix genres in just two minutes. This year she’s expected to release her first EP, which according to critics, wouldn’t dare disappoint.

16. “Perrieto” – Mariah

Miami’s Mariah mixes her culture with the energy of the south. Formulating a sound that mixes reggaeton, Trap and R&B, the Spanish-speaking singer is restoring the vintage female reggaeton artist image. “Perrieto” reached over one million views in one week, stamping Mariah as a voice for the new generation of Latin artists. With numbers to prove her star power, Mariah’s voice and appeal are sure to put her in the top position of various genres in the future.

17. “Glorious” – Sudan Archives

The multitalented violinist, songwriter, singer and producer Sudan Archives places every creative skill into each of her songs. Off of her album Athena, “Glorious” is a dreamscape full of motivating lyrics, her signature violin riffs and soft voice. The Ohio native has her own style inspired by Sudanese fiddle music, American R&B, and experimental electronic music, which create an unheard-of mixture of sounds. With no one in her lane, Sudan Archives is sure to step into a world that is purely from her imagination.

18. “Blessings on Blessings” – OSHUN

OSHUN embodies Afro-futurism from their look to their lyrics. The hip hop and R&B duo are inspired by ancestral magic use their voice to empower black women. The independent artists from D.C. create music that advises listeners to practice self and communal love, and fulfill their purpose as individuals. “Blessing on Blessings” follows their message, appearing on bittersweet, Vol. 1, their first EP that released initially in 2018. Since then, the two have grown in popularity.

19. “In The Party” – Flo Milli

Mobile, Alabama’s Flo Milli lets the world in on what she’s about with “In The Party.” Flo raps eloquently over the bopping beat, demonstrating the skills she’s been perfecting since age 11. The artist hit the mainstream after going viral on Twitter and she’s earned a host of new supporters. With a wide-ranging fanbase, Flo stands on her lyrics and continues to put out youthful, yet hardcore hits.

20. “W” featuring Gunna – Koffee

Koffee makes the list with her hip hop crossover “W” featuring Gunna. The Jamaican reggae singer, rapper and songwriter has already broken several records after winning a Grammy for her album Rapture in 2020. With much motivation, the 19-year-old trailblazer promotes positivity with upbeat songs with a global message of communal success.

Listen to REVOLT TV’s “Women To Watch 2020” playlist below!