The wait is finally over. On Friday (March 13), Blueface released his debut album, Find The Beat, after pushing back the release date several times.

The 16-track LP features guest appearances from Gunna, Lil Baby, DaBaby and more. Prior to releasing the project, Blueface released tracks “First Class,” “Obama,” “Close Up,” and “Holy Moly,” which he debuted the music video for last week. In honor of his three-minute visual, Blueface recruited a lookalike similar to the 44th President.

“Pull up like Trump and they duck like Donald / Presidential on me just like Obama / My b—h bad just like some karma / I’m pullin’ strings in Balenciaga (Ooh) / Pull up like Trump and they duck like Donald / Presidential on me just like Obama,” he rapped.

As Blueface’s fans might recall, the 23-year-old announced that his debut effort would be released in December 2019. After missing the scheduled date, Blueface announced that his new release date would be January 2020 and missed the mark once again.

Following his viral hit “Thotiana,” Blueface worked on perfecting his craft. During an interview with Billboard magazine, he opened up about perfecting his sound. “The way I rap is very west coast,” he said in February 2019. “If you think about west coast rappers from back in the day, they were more or less talking: ‘I did this, did that, whoo wham, came here, did that, shot him, left here.

During that same conversation, Blueface addressed accusations that he raps “offbeat.”

“They say it’s offbeat, or maybe I’m fitting too many words in,” he said before adding “but if I didn’t fit those words in, you wouldn’t get [the effect] as much.” He continued, “For instance, if I just said, ‘Mop the floor, just to catch him slipping,’ that bar wouldn’t be iconic now. It’s the ‘hide the wet sign.’”

Check out Blueface’s debut album, Find The Beat, below.