Don Toliver’s debut album, Heaven Or Hell, has finally made its debut.

On Friday (March 13), Toliver revealed the release date and cover art for his project. “Heaven Or Hell. 3/13. Story To Tell,” he wrote at the time.

Heaven Or Hell serves as the follow-up to his mixtape, Donny Womack, which dropped in 2018. In addition to that, Toliver made contributions to Travis Scott’s Jack Boys compilation album, which the “Goosebumps” rapper gushed about in an interview with XXL.

“My new album Jack Boys, is a collective of me, Sheck Wes, Don Toliver and people that are signed to Cactus Jack Records, my label,” he wrote. “True members of the Cactus Gang—friends, people that I like and respect, musically. I don’t like the word compilation. It’s just a body of work made with a few of my friends and people I’ve always made music with since day one. It’s just fun and something that’s endearing and cool. It kind of like, wakes up the minds of people that might not know about Don Toliver or people that know about Sheck Wes and makes them want to know more.”

During an interview with Highsnobiety last year, Toliver opened up about how his hometown’s impact on his music.

“Houston plays a big part in my process and sound because before I was able to meet Travis Scott, I had to take over the city,” he said. “That means every night for like three to five months straight I was in every strip club, every club, in every DJ’s face getting my records spun. Spending time with DJs, figuring out the game, and how to play.”

Like Toliver, the Astroworld musician also shared a similar sentiment about Houston in regards to his music’s sound.

Listen to Don Toliver’s Heaven Or Hell album below.