Before she released her second studio album K.T.S.E. in 2018, Teyana Taylor premiered the track “We Got Love,” both during a Saturday Night Live performance as well as during a pre-album release listening session. Then, the track also featured a verse from G.O.O.D. Music head honcho Kanye West. Unfortunately, apparent album clearance issues led to the song being scrapped from K.T.S.E., and it was presumed that it would remain in cutting room purgatory.

Last December, she brought “We Got Love” back to life sans Kanye West appearance, and it now looks to be a proper single for her forthcoming album. The song sees production from Johan Lenox, Seven Aurelius, Mike Dean, E*Vax, Boogz and West and samples The Younghearts’ “We’ve Got Love (You Better Believe It).” It also features a powerful interlude from the legendary Ms. Lauryn Hill, which keeps with Teyana’s own lyrics about beautiful black love:

“I got house and the carriage, yeah, I got black love in marriage, yeah/

They gon’ say, “You can’t have it”, but I’m like, “Don’t kill the messenger”/

We gon’ break the stigma up, Huxtables turned to Obamas/

It ain’t about where you been, where you from, what you got, it’s all about love/

Throw your hands up, play catch with the hunnids/

Love is the new money, I’m just chillin’ with the homies/

Home is where the heart is…/”

The accompanying video is largely Afrocentric and features clips of young children, plenty of dancing and more — Teyana’s husband, NBA player Iman Shumpert, and their daughter Junie make cameos both in the African-esque environment and through behind-the-scenes clips of Teyana on tour. All-in-all, it’s an amazing representation of black family and black unity, a message that’s sorely needed in the world right now.

You can press play on Teyana Taylor’s latest below. The Album is said to be on the way.