Snoop Dogg spent his Wednesday (Mar. 11) reflecting on his friendship with the late 2Pac.

The “Gin and Juice” rapper shared a throwback video of himself talking about what he learned from his time with the late legend. He caption the video, “wise words from Pac to Dogg 2 y’all.” The interviewer asked, “What did you learn from a figure like Pac, being friends with him?”

“I think what I learned from 2Pac was basically a different type of work ethic,” Snoop replied. “I always had a good work ethic about myself as far as being timely and being on point and being a professional, but he just showed me how to be a little more faster at it as far as getting to the meat of it all and not really just listening to it all the time, and not absorbing it but more just doing it and keep doing it and doing it. Let the engineer mix it and master it, not fall in love with it, but fall in love with the craft of being able to do it and continue to do it.”

He continued, “But I feel like that was something that was passed on to me and now, I’m showing it through my work ethic as far as different things I do and the way I diversify myself. [I’m gonna] pass that on to the young generation to show them that you can do the same thing I’m doing ’cause that’s an old man if I’m doing it.”

Snoop and Pac played a huge role in the establishment of Death Row Records. The two have collaborated multiple times, but “2 Of Amerikaz Most Wanted” and “All About You” are the most memorable tracks from the two.

Check out the throwback clip of Snoop talking about his friendship with 2Pac below.