Tierra Whack is here to stay. With her unique style and profound lyrics, she is sure to make her own lane in the music industry.

The Philly rapper covered the newest edition of Teen Vogue and spoke to the publication about women in rap and colorism in the music industry.

With women in hip hop on the rise, Whack says that she loves seeing other female rappers prosper. She also says that there is no need for competition between the women.

“I used to hate being the only female on lineups and stuff. I love unity in any shape or form,” she said. “We can have something in common. When I see these girls that have different styles [than] me, I’m praising them. I’m trying to be the best me; I’m not trying to be better than anybody else.” She adds, “When you’re solid with yourself, it shouldn’t matter what anybody else is doing.”

Whack recognizes the importance of representation in an industry that seems to discourage darker skin tones.

“I recognize [that] I am dark. I remember being younger and being teased for my skin being darker. My mom, she just was always there like, ‘You have to love yourself.’ Seeing Lauryn [Hill] and then seeing Missy [Elliott] — they were making it. I don’t think Missy was like, ‘I’m going to be a dark girl making it.’ I think she just did it. You just do it… If I could change [colorism in the industry], that would be really nice.”

“I just want to do what I feel inside and make it work to the best of my ability and whatever comes with it, comes with it. I can’t change how I look. That’s how I showed up, in my dark skin. I dress kind of cool. Either y’all gon’ take it or not.”

Check out Tierra Whack’s cover issue below.