Waka Flocka Flame is asking Hollywood to create more positive black movies this year. The “Hard in Da Paint” rapper wants to see less movies where black people are portrayed as slaves and superheroes.

In an Instagram post he wrote, “Dear Hollywood can we get more positive Black movies this year and not just superheroes and running from slave masters. Thank you from the community ✊🏾.”

Waka has been very vocal about issues surrounding the black community. Last year, he was very vocal about boycotting Gucci after the luxury designer brand released a sweater that resembled blackface. In an Instagram post he wrote, “Invest in Black high fashion designers it’s that fucking easy!!!!”

Waka recently made headlines when he argued against rappers who labeled hip hop as dangerous. He says that it is harmful to the genre and simply untrue.

“I’ve got to say this real quick, I’ll probably—then I’m gonna delete this shit, but please stop saying rap is dangerous,” the “Hard in Da Paint” rapper said in an Instagram video on Wednesday (Feb. 26). “Y’all niggas is falling into the trap. ‘Cause if hip hop is dangerous, they gon’ stop booking shows around each state, stop making hip hop popular. The fuck are y’all doing, bro?”

“Hip hop ain’t dangerous, bro. This shit making more money outta any genre in the world. Hip hop is beautiful, bro,” his continued. “To be a gangbanging rapper is fucking dangerous; to be a drug-dealing rapper is dangerous. To be anything that’s negative is dangerous, idiotics. Fuck is y’all talking about, bro? Stop saying hip hop is dangerous. It ain’t dangerous, bro. Y’all folks really about to cut y’all fucking hustle out. Fool ass niggas, man. Y’all need to stop saying that shit, on God.”

What types of black movies would you like to see more of in Hollywood? Take a look at Waka’s post below.