Meek Mill is calling out law enforcement after his private jet was searched randomly during a recent trip to Jamaica. While taking a pit stop in Miami, Florida, Meek documented the moment cops made an unsolicited search of his jet on Instagram

“How many times we gotta be searched being black, man?” he says in the video clip. “I be telling them, ‘The least y’all could do is give us an explanation for being searched.’ Y’all already know we black, we be getting searched too much.”

He continued, “All this shit, all our bags and shit got laid out. We just landed in Miami to pick up food and gas and they making us take all our bags off.”

The police didn’t find anything illegal and Meek and his crew were able to continue their trip as planned. The reason why the plane was searched is still unknown.

Incidents like this one helps Meek to speak out on issues surrounding criminal justice reform. The “Going bad” rapper recently took to Twitter to speak out against the execution of Nathaniel Woods.

Woods was convicted as an accomplice in the murder of three Birmingham, Alabama cops. He did not kill anyone on the day of his arrest in 2005. Kerry Spencer, the actual shooter, testified to Woods’ innocence, but the state still went through with his execution.

“A black man that didn’t kill nor plan to kill got lynched in 2020 in Alabama!” Meek tweeted. “As a black man how can you believe in the American justice system ..that shit gotta change and if you are white and not a racist STEP UP because you guys have majority control over the system today!!!”

“Lynching should be banned off the simple fact they used to do that to slaves!” the Championships rapper continued in a second tweet.

Check out Meek’s video of the search below.