Killer Mike is an advocate for Bernie Sanders and his campaign for presidency. In a recent back-and-forth on social media, Mike spoke of comparisons between the hate he’s witnessed for the Vermont senator and Civil Rights leader Martin Luther King Jr.

The conversation stems from author Zachary Wood, who is also a supporter of the Clintons, vocalizing his opposition for Sanders after the Democratic presidential nominee encouraged young people to vote on Twitter. “There’s just something about you, @BernieSanders, that pisses me off,” Wood tweeted.

Killer Mike responded to Wood with a screenshot of an article with a headline that read, “Even Though He Is Revered Today, MLK Was Widely Disliked by the American Public When He Was Killed,” seemingly comparing ill-feelings people have for Sanders to the way Dr. King was treated preceding his death.

Mike continued, “Your tweet better help. Me understand I’m on the correct side of history. Thank U.”

The rapper received criticism for the comparison he made between Sanders and King, but stood his ground.

“One of actually knows and was trained in organizing by the people that organized with King and the SCLC,” he said. “One of us is on Twitter attempting to advise that trained organizer. Chill and trust me Becuz I’m talking facts not propaganda. Thanks, Bubba.”

The Run The Jewels rapper explained in a campaign video back in August why hip hop is in favor of Sanders. “People ride you a little for getting hip-hop on board, but it’s not like you sent out feelers in the hottest clubs, you don’t have Bernie Sanders in the compound, buying bottles, recruiting us,” Mike said to Sanders in the campaign video. “Kids in hip-hop come from working class and poor environments [and that’s why you appeal].”

Speaking of hip hop being fond of Sanders, Cardi B also spoke with the senator last year as well.