Megan Thee Stallion stopped by Hot 97 to talk briefly about her new project Suga and her current legal issues with Carl Crawford and his 1501 Certified Entertainment record label.

“They ruled in my favor,” she said of today’s court decision. A judge rejected Crawford’s motion to dissolve the restraining order. Megan also mentioned how she didn’t want this situation to get this bad.

”If you know me you know I don’t like going back and forth, I don’t like a lot of confrontation,” she said during the interview. “You really gotta push me to upset me, or for me to even address something. So I feel like, you know, it was just time to say something.”

Ebro then asked if Suga was an album or if she’s just releasing music that she’s had.

“I’m not even gonna call it an album, because I’m still in the middle of making my album,” she confirmed. “When the situation came up, I’m like, ‘Oh my god I gotta put out this music. I don’t want to just leave my fans with nothing ‘cause I don’t know what’s gonna happen.’ The music that I have made and the songs that I really really like so far, I was like, ‘Let’s just drop this shit on the EP.’”

Speaking back on the legal issues with her label, the “Hot Girl Summer” rapper said that she just wants what’s fair.

“I mean my issue is not with money, I just want what’s fair,” she explained. “I want the proper agreement. I don’t want to be treated like an object, I don’t want to be treated like a slave. I want to be treated as a human being and… What’s right is right and what’s fair is fair.”

Suga drops tomorrow (Mar. 6) and features appearances from Gunna and Kehlani. Check out the full interview below.