With close to 40,000 tracks being uploaded to Spotify on a daily basis, it has become an increasingly overwhelming task to find new music that resonates the most. As nearly 1.2 million songs find their way to digital audiences every month through the popular streaming service alone, the art of music discovery has become dominated by algorithmic playlists and moments of digital virality on social media. While the barrier of entry has been lowered in today’s contemporary music landscape through the advent of streaming, the stakes for garnering the attention of an audience and making a lasting impression have arguably never been greater.

As artists work to get their music in front of prospective and established fans alike by any means possible, time and time again, we are reminded that there is no substitute for talent, nor is there one linear path to success. Despite how quickly the industry is evolving, the power of word-of-mouth has not lost its potency with the world of today’s tastemakers and creative outlets playing a crucial role in helping tell the story of those who are making waves with their music. As exemplified by REVOLT TV’s “Untapped” series, a viewer-submitted music video show highlighting emerging artists, there is absolutely no shortage of talent out there. Let’s take a closer look at three rising stars who are commanding the spotlight and winning over new audiences in their own respective ways.


Not everyone can deliver under pressure, but much like his moniker suggests, A-Game knows the importance of bringing his best to the table and making the most of every opportunity that arises. This past fall, the Hip Hop artist and songwriter stepped up to the plate in a monumental way, taking home the top prize in the REVOLT Summit’s “Be Heard” competition in Los Angeles. In the months that have followed, A-Game has been gearing up to take his talents on the road by announcing a slew of tour dates set to take place across the U.S. this spring.

As a recent transplant to L.A., the St. Louis native is wasting no time and hitting the ground running. From expanding his career to include modeling for brands such as Yeezy, Super Dry and Kiton to taking on the world of acting, A-Game is just getting started as he leans into the full potential of his multifaceted skillset. In addition to readying new music of his own, he has also joined forces with No. 1 Billboard charting artist Guordan Banks to collaborate as songwriters, and has added HBO’s “Insecure” to his client list. With 2020 looking bright as ever, A-Game is eager to put in the work and show fans exactly why they should be placing their bets on him.

Off Top: A-Game


Occasionally, one’s artistic journey is magically interrupted by destiny, and all too often, it’s in the best way possible. Such has been the case for Thandiwe and Niambi Sala, who first crossed paths serendipitously while attending a scholarship orientation at New York University their freshman year of college. After meeting in 2013, the two instantly clicked, and found solace in their shared creative drive and passion for deeper self-expression. With both committed to pursuing their talents as collaborators, the pair decided to join forces and release music utilizing the artist moniker OSHUN. The duo’s name doubles as an homage to a beloved Yoruba deity; a benevolent goddess associated with love, beauty, water, purity, fertility and sensuality.

Through setting the intention to “connect with the spirit of their ancestors to manifest a sweeter tomorrow for us all,” the DC natives have cultivated a sound distinctively their own. With a larger calling to empower women helping guide their purpose-driven endeavors, OSHUN is helping soundtrack a cultural movement dedicated to honoring self-love, creativity and confidence in one another. While the first chapter of their collaborative efforts were spent balancing schoolwork with their budding careers in music, both Thandiwe and Niambi have since graduated from school and are eager to see what’s in store next. With their futures bright as ever, OSHUN is gearing up to release additional installments of their Bittersweet album series, and are set to embark on a worldwide tour with scheduled stops in the U.S., Canada and Africa.


Weaving one’s personal story into a creative medium can be one of the best ways to process emotions and relate to each other’s experiences. For 20-year-old Big Havi, being able to express himself through music has not only served as a powerful release, but has helped him grow even deeper into the craft, all while resonating with others. First exploring his passion for music as a pre-teen, the East Atlanta native turned to music as a necessary creative outlet to help navigate the rough hand he’d been dealt with growing up. His knack for storytelling organically emerged as one of his strongest suits as a recording artist, as he crafts songs that reflect his experiences and help him to turn his pain into power.

With such a dedication to being honest in his music, Big Havi’s authenticity is helping him garner a reputation as one of Hip Hop’s most promising emerging voices. As a recent signee to Commission Music (Lil Dicky, MadeinTYO), the artist is making a strong introduction with his breakthrough single “9 Times Out Of 10.” The anthemic track, which has Lil Baby featured on its official remix, has amassed over 4 million streams and counting. This helped Big Havi build a healthy momentum. Most recently, he shared his debut EP, Personal Problems, with the seven-track project exploring personal themes of overcoming hardship, finding one’s voice and rising above any self-doubts. In addition to releasing his long-awaited EP, Big Havi is proudly preparing to join Lil Tjay on a 25-date tour this winter.

To learn more about Big Havi, OSHUN and A-Game, as well as discover other artists representing the future of music, keep it locked to REVOLT TV’s “Untapped.”