DaBaby and his Billion Dollar Baby collective are creating the best videos in hip hop right now. With the help of Reel Goats, we’ve been able to watch songs like “Suge,” “Pony” and “Bop” come to life in amazing — and often hilarious — fashion, much in the same way rappers like Ludacris and Busta Rhymes did before. The latest video from the BDB camp is for Stunna 4 Vegas, who has linked with DaBaby and Lil Baby on the hard-hitting collaboration “Do Dat.”

Over Bankroll Got It’s booming production, Stunna and his cohorts rap about money and fame:

“We’ll put a b***h up like a throwback/

Freak ho, she mix the Perc’ with the Moët/

So many racks like I grow it/

Hit the stage, do my dance in this b***h like I’m Kodak/

Make ‘em freeze like he took a Kodak picture/

My lil’ n***a move on ‘em, I whistle/

That b***h think I’m hot, sizzle I’m a pit’, she told me her n***a a Shih Tzu/

I won’t go back and forth with no rap n***a/

I got business to tend to/

Too many racks to count, lil’ n***a, I’ll flip you…/”

The aforementioned video centers around a detective who’s trying to catch the artists in criminal acts, only to find out that they make their money in the most unexpected ways possible. Definitely a change of pace from the usual stereotypical plotline.

The single can be found on Stunna 4 Vegas’ second studio album Rich Youngin, which was released back in January and sees additional appearances from Blac Youngsta and Offset. Previously, the North Carolina rapper dropped his official debut Big 4x, which peaked at number 500 on the Billboard 200 albums chart.

Press play on “Da Dat” below. You can find Stunna’s Rich Youngin album here.