Juicy J took to Twitter Saturday night (Feb. 29) to announce that he and Columbia Records had come to an agreement, just hours after unknown issues led him to drop a scathing diss track aimed at the label and its executives.

Early Saturday morning (Feb. 29), The Three 6 Mafia rapper shared his single “F*k Columbia Records” and vented his frustrations with the label in a series of since-deleted tweets.

“F*k [Columbia Records] I’m gonna leak my whole album stay tuned,” he threatened, followed by “Finna drop a new songs called ‘F*K! [Columbia Records] stay tuned. I gave [Columbia Records] 20+ years of my life & they treat me like back wash.”

The song samples a speech from Prince, where he warned young artists against signing with recording labels during the 2000 Soul Train Awards.

“As long as you’re signed to a contract, you’re going to take a minority share of the winnings,” Prince had said. “A select few of us will do well. The majority will not.”

Juicy also nodded to Prince with the diss track’s cover art, which dons a photo of the legendary singer with “slave” written over his face, a reference to his contract dispute with Warner Records.

“Fu*k Columbia Records, tell them bit*hes count they days,” Juicy raps on the song. “Since I got all these chains they must think a ni**a a slave/ They want a ni**a that own no masters/ They want a ni**a that call them master.”

Juicy also called out Columbia Chairman and CEO Ron Perry and the label’s co-head of A&R Imran Majid on his Instagram Story, warning his followers, “DON’T SIGN WITH THESE PEOPLE. F*K EM!”

However, the issue was apparently resolved within the day, with Juicy tweeting that all was well later that evening.

“Spoke to [Columbia Records],” he wrote. “We are all good!”

Since the feud was quickly resolved, fans are left wondering when Juicy’s next album will arrive.