Pop Smoke is getting the hologram treatment after his untimely death.

Multiple videos have surface of a Pop Smoke hologram in Yard Winter Club in Paris, France. As the DJ begins to play Pop’s hit song “Welcome to the Party,” his hologram appears. The image raps along to the song and hits some of Pop’s signature dance moves.

The official Instagram for Yard, shared a photo of the hologram with the caption, “YARD Winter Club full of stars and surprises last night. Even the spirit of Pop Smoke was with us. REST IN POWER THE WOO.”

Pop Smoke was tragically shot and killed in his Hollywood Hills home after two men wearing hoodies and masks broke into the home and fired multiple rounds of shots. The suspects reportedly fled the scene before authorities arrived. So far, there have been no arrests made and no suspects named.

TMZ is now reporting that Pop’s murder investigation is at a stand still because witnesses are refusing to talk. The witnesses that cops have spoken to, have either changed their stories or lied about what happened. Last week, reports surfaced that Pop was targeted, but cops can’t find a motive.

Yesterday (Feb. 28), Pop’s family released their first public statement since his passing.

“The family of Bashar ‘Pop Smoke’ Jackson would like to express our sincere gratitude to everyone for your support,” the statement began. “Every prayer, call and act of kindness is deeply appreciated as we mourn the loss of our son, brother and friend.”

“Brooklyn knew him as Bashar,” the Jackson family continued. “He was educated and nurtured in Brooklyn and his rise to fame all developed from the place he proudly represented. Within the last year, his extraordinary giftedness was revealed to the world, introducing Pop Smoke.”

Take a look at Pop’s hologram performance below.