Jim Jones has found himself in the middle of a debate with an Iraq war veteran after an old interview resurfaced where he said that “being a rapper was more dangerous than being a soldier.”

Mez, the veteran, went into Jim’s Instagram comment section to let him know that he disagreed with his statement. “Heard the comments you made about ‘being a rapper is harder than fighting a war in Iraq.’ You allowed to have your opinion without any facts nor truth to it, but as a Vet and a hip hop fan, I found it extremely disrespectful and ignorant,” he wrote. “Here’s some facts, my unit which fought in Iraq 2004 lost more Marines in two months than ‘rappers’ in the past 3 years. Keep talking but there is zero comparison!”

Jim replied to Mez with a lengthy comment. He wrote, “here are facts every nigha I grew up wit is either dead or in jail so u wanna compare death tolls it won’t add u went to army n met nighas U never knew or grew up wit I grew up wit all these nighas all my life so it hit different u wanna continue this debate?”

He continued, “Y’all was shootin at kids n innocent bystanders in the midst of shootin at the enemy we was kids shootin at kids n that mentality split over to success. Remember u knew who ur enemies were we don’t and everybody knows who we are because of our notoriety so how u protect urself from enemies u can’t see?”

He ended his response by saying, “You had the choice of goin to war we didn’t we was at war when we was born.”

Do you think that being a rapper is more dangerous than being a soldier in the military? Check out Jim and Mez’s debate below.