Kid Cudi surprised his fans with a generous gesture on Wednesday (Feb. 26) night. The “Pursuit of Happiness” rapper rented out an entire theater in Glendale, California to screen Sonic The Hedgehog with his most dedicated fans.

Just a few hours before the movie was scheduled to show, Cudi tweeted out the invite to his 2.1 million followers on Twitter. He tweeted, “Hey!! Are you in the Glendale area? Nothing to do? Then come see Sonic with Ben Schwartz and me tonight!!! Come thru to the address below with official Sonic or Kid Cudi merch/CD and you’ll get one adult ticket for the 8:30 pm showing.”

He continued, “First come first serve! The good folks from Paramount will be at the ticket taker to check merch and give out tickets. Q and A with Ben following the movie!! Lets celebrate this awesome film together!!” At the end of the invite was the name and address of the movie theater where the screening would be held.

Schwartz, who plays the voice of Sonic, retweeted a fan video from the special event. He gave major props to Cudi for being so amazing to his fans.

Kid Cudi rented out a theatre in Glendale, invited his fans to come watch #SonicMovie with us for free, did a Q and A after the screening then signed autographs,” Schwartz tweeted. “This man is beyond inspiring and his fans are genuinely kind and amazing. Was such a fun night. Thank you @KidCudi.”

Fans who were able to make the screening took to Twitter to show their appreciation to Cudi for the generous gesture. One fan tweeted, “I just wanna take this time to thank @rejectedjokes & @KidCudi for the free Sonic The Hedgehog movie tickets, and for watching the movie with us. It was a night i will never forget.”