/  02.27.2020

Rap as a dangerous career path has become a current topic of debate, most recently posed by Blueface in the wake of Pop Smoke’s tragic murder and supported by Jim Jones, who said being a rapper is more dangerous than being a soldier in a recently resurfaced interview. However, Waka Flocka Flame argues that labeling hip hop as dangerous is harmful to the genre and simply untrue.

“I’ve got to say this real quick, I’ll probably—then I’m gonna delete this sh*t, but please stop saying rap is dangerous,” the “Hard in Da Paint” rapper said in an Instagrammed video from his car on Wednesday (Feb. 26). “Y’all ni**as is falling into the trap. ‘Cause if hip hop is dangerous, they gon’ stop booking shows around each state, stop making hip hop popular. The fu*k are y’all doing, bro?”

“Hip hop ain’t dangerous, bro. This sh*t making more money outta any genre in the world. Hip hop is beautiful, bro,” his video continued. “To be a gangbanging rapper is fu*king dangerous; to be a drug-dealing rapper is dangerous. To be anything that’s negative is dangerous, idiotics. Fu*k is y’all talking about, bro? Stop saying hip hop is dangerous. It ain’t dangerous, bro. Y’all folks really about to cut y’all fu*king hustle out. Fool ass ni***as, man. Y’all need to stop saying that sh*t, on God.” 

The Atlanta mainstay expressed a similar statement in another car-filmed video last week (Feb. 21), captured by 9 Mag TV.

“Rap is not dangerous, bro. I keep hearing people say hip hop is dangerous. Y’all actually gon’ make that sh*t dangerous and y’all gon’ make these folks make laws stopping hip hop music and stopping y’all from performing,” he said in the clip. “The way you moving is dangerous, the way you acting is dangerous, the people you choose to keep around you are fu*king dangerous.”

“But God blessed you with a talent. God gave you a career, where you don’t have to live dangerously,” he continued. “So if you hang around criminals, you not doing your job correctly, because you supposed to get the fu*k out the streets.”

Waka dropped off his most recent album, Mollywood, last year. Last month, he announced a new project on the way, saying it will be his last album before retiring.

See his full Instagram video, captioned “PSfu*kingA,” below.

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