Royce da 5’9 might have the best album out this year with his latest release The Allegory, a collection of self-produced bombs for hip hop purists and quality music lovers alike. Continuing his promotion of the album, the Detroit veteran delivers a new visual for the track “Tricked,” which features assistance from Slaughterhouse comrade KXNG Crooked and sees the duo taking a stand against riot forces while rapping about all of the lies forced upon their community:

“Thinkin’ that my health is not an issue ‘til I’m sick/

Forever havin’ issues with my brother, that’s a trick/

Because we Crips and Bloods we kill each other, that’s a trick/

Think because you do crime that you cannot fall victim/

Think you can drink and drive, not end up in car collision/

From day one at the hospital they target our children/

Say they gonna immunize ‘em they somehow get autism…/”

The last two bars above have also landed Royce da 5’9 in the middle of the hot debate on vaccinations. Speaking with Complex, Royce essentially doubled down on his stance, advising others to believe what they choose while referring to his own search for the truth in lieu of his son being on the autism spectrum:

“I have a child on the spectrum. All of my kids have been vaccinated. Within the last couple of years, I started being just real, real information junkie. … Well, I found that I was able to draw a correlation between autism and vaccination. I found vaccinations link back to autism in many ways. And my wife is not anti-vaxx. So if I was ever going to have any more kids, we’d probably have to figure out a way to meet halfway.”

Press play on Royce da 5’9’s “Tricked” visual — directed by Cricket — below.