It’s all in the message. For his latest, Dallas, TX star Yella Beezy reveals a new visual for the poignant single “Keep It In The Streets,” a very straight-to-the-point message for any and all who have chosen the street life…follow the code or suffer the consequences:

We can go back and forth with this s***, you know? You know…just don’t run to the law. Don’t run to no police, don’t get no man involved, know what I’m sayin? Lot of n***as be talkin’ that gang s***, be talkin ‘bout what they gon’ do, what they about. Soon as somethin’ happenin’, you know what I’m sayin’? They runnin’ and tellin’, you know? Just keep it all the way straight. Keep it in the streets, you know what I’m sayin?

The accompanying black-and-white visual — shot by David H. Nguyen — matches the guitar-driven cut, showing viewers a deeper look into Yella Beezy’s Oak Cliff stomping grounds, as well as the neighborhood’s long-standing inhabitants.

“Keep It In The Streets” follows last year’s single release, the Ty Dolla $ign-featured “Ay Ya Ya Ya,” as well as the well-received project Baccend Beezy, which boasted charting singles like “Restroom Occupied” (featuring Chris Brown) and “Back At It Again” (featuring Quavo and Gucci Mane). His official follow-up is expected to make landfall this Spring.

Beezy has also found himself in legal hot water recently. According to TMZ, someone named Brandon Rainwater is suing Beezy after his crew allegedly beat him up outside of a Dallas venue, leaving him with a dislocated hip. It was also noted that Rainwater manages fellow Dallas rapper MO3, who has publicly feuded with Yella Beezy for some time. Whether or not that stands as the reason for the alleged assault remains to be seen.

Press play on “Keep It In The Streets” below, available on all major platforms.