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Today (2/21), rising R&B starlet Ambré premieres her visual for “Band Practice” from her debut EP, Pulp. Anchored by a soothing guitar, the New Orleans-bred talent sings about slowly falling in love by comparing a blossoming relationship to practicing an instrument. She confesses her adoration with sweet lines like, “I can’t say I got offended when you stole me” and “I think it was a casualty, damn, when you casually walked my way.”

The glittery slow-jam provides the perfect backdrop to the accompanying David Camarena-directed clip, which paints a wholesome love story between Ambré and her muse as they let down their guard and practice their romance. The clip also capitalizes on the 23-year-old singer’s hazy vocals with colorful edits and surreal kaleidoscope lens takes.

“Band Practice” marks the latest visual from Pulp, which arrived in November. The 10-song project saw appearances from G-Eazy, BJ The Chicago Kid and Jean Deaux. Releasing her debut EP was just one of the feats that marked 2019 as a whirlwind year for the singer/songwriter. Ambré also landed a record deal with Roc Nation and won her first Grammy as a songwriter on H.E.R.’s self-titled album, which was awarded Best R&B Album of the Year. Before 2019, the young star perfected her craft as she toured with Kehlani on her “You Should Be Here Tour” and released two independent projects, 2015’s Wanderlust and 2016’s 2090’s.

This year, she was recognized as a Fender Next 2020 Artist, which spotlights promising up-and-coming guitarists. Guitar remains a staple in Ambré’s music. She actually taught herself to play as a child while in foster care, along with singing, production and more.

To support her “Band Practice” visual premiere, Ambré spoke with REVOLT about her Pulp EP, working with H.E.R. and what 2020 holds for her. Check out her interview and the new music video below!

Tell us a little bit about your ‘Band Practice’ visual. Where was it filmed and what was the main concept behind the clip?

‘Band Practice’ was filmed in L.A. and the main concept was basically just like treating love as something that you have to work on, and just showing like a sweet love story between two women that’s not over-sexualized, and not really trying to push anything. Just showing that in a genuine way.

The kaleidoscope effects and colorful edits are so surreal. They match perfectly with the EP’s psychedelic qualities, and you used some trippy images for some of your song’s YouTube visualizers. Was it intentional to continue that theme in the video?

So, for the video, it wasn’t actually intentional. It just kind of happened on accident, but we kept it because it was super cool. It just happened organically. We didn’t plan it.

‘Band Practice’ is the latest Pulp track to get a visual. Are you planning on releasing any more videos from the EP?

I think so, I think we’re probably gonna do like one more.

Do you know which one you’d want to do yet?

We’ve gotta figure out which one!

With your debut EP dropping last year, are you planning on releasing your debut studio album in 2020?

Maybe! I’m not really sure. I just know I’m making a lot of music and if an album comes out of that, then it’ll happen.

Congratulations on your Grammys award! What was writing for and working with H.E.R. like?

Thank you! That experience was really fun. I was actually like 18 [years old] at the time, I think, and it was one of my first times going to New York [and] my first time writing for anybody. So, it was a very like inaugural experience. But, she was really cool and we got along really well. So, we ended up making a lot of cool stuff. Like I said, very organic. We just vibed out.

You’re also a Fender Next 2020 Artist this year. As self-taught guitarist — who also plays a number of other instruments — what does participating in Fender Next 2020 mean to you?

It means a lot. It means that I’m doing something right! It means that people can see guitar as an instrument that not only rock [and] men artists can play. It’s something that can be used in a lot of ways. So, it feels good to be a part of that.

You’ve already got a Grammy award and debut EP under your belt, and a major label behind you. What’s up next for you?

I mean, hopefully more of everything I’m doing now, but just like elevated. I’m just trying to keep going!