The reality is, much of today’s R&B is both very cookie-cutter and, subsequently, very unoriginal. Every once in a while, you’ll get an artist that truly separates themselves from the rest of the pack — think Frank Ocean or Sampha. Seemingly from this same vein comes Maryland artist Brent Faiyaz, who’s been going against the grain with his unique sound — which has culminated into the new album, F*** The World, his official follow-up to 2017’s Sonder Son.

The the midst of the usual crooning subject matter (the usual love and relationships fare you’re used to hearing on the radio), Faiyaz stays true to the album title and lives life by the seat of his pants — this is especially in regards to woman and sex, which can be heard in HD clarity on tracks like “Rehab (Winter In Paris)”:

“I got too many h***/

But they ain’t you/

You like to put that shit in your nose/

But I still love you/

Be doing shit that nobody knows/

In the streets, they be thinkin’ you a lady/

But at home (You a motherf***in’ porn star, I swear to God)/”

The album tracks jump from one to another with the same feeling as switching television channels. Faiyaz doesn’t just sing with reckless abandon, he even warps his voice to fit the feeling that he’s trying to convey on a particular track. His versatility oozes over the entire project, with his subject matter ranging from wealth (“Lost Kids Get Money”) to human nature (“Let Me Know”) to everything else in between. Forget the scripted reality that you’re used to; Brent Faiyaz is bringing the real life moments that many of us are currently experiencing as imperfect adults trying to figure out how to succeed and enjoy life with little to no inhibitions.

You can press play on F*** The World below. Fans can also find upcoming tour dates via Brent Faiyaz’ official website.