Tory Lanez seeks to show fans the inner workings of his critically acclaimed Chixtape series with a new YouTube docuseries, called “ChixDoc.” The first episode premiered on Tuesday (Feb. 18), where Lanez explains the beginnings of his classic R&B mixtapes.

“I don’t think that there was a bigger R&B project or R&B series, in our time from 2010 to what’s about to be 2020, that was bigger than Chixtapes,” he said.

Lanez most recently dropped off Chixtape 5, which heavily sampled nostalgic R&B tracks from the early 2000’s.

Chixtape is a series of all-R&B projects,” the Canadian crooner continued. “Chixtape 1 was to sound like early ‘80s. Chixtape 2 was to sound like late ‘80s. Chixtape 3 was to sound like early-mid ‘90s. The Chixtape 4 was supposed to be late ‘90s, which brings us to Chixtape 5.”

“ChixDoc” shows Lanez in his creative zone, with behind-the-scenes footage of his Chixtape writing and recording process. He also reveals how the idea behind the decade-themed mixtape series came to be.

“That was stuff that my brothers and older siblings grew up on and introduced me to,” he said. “I’m the youngest of six kids and seeing their taste and whatever they grew up on, that’s kind of my memorabilia of the ‘80s and things like that.”

Besides carving out his own lane in R&B-period projects, Chixtape also allowed Lanez to expand his musical talents to include producing.

“Before Chixtape 1, I never even thought I was ever gonna be producing,” he revealed. “That wasn’t my thing. I was about writing songs and making songs that matter to me, it wasn’t about nothing else.”

The “ChixDoc” series is co-edited and directed by both Lanez and MidJordan and produced by Amber Grimes. It’s unclear how many episodes will be included in the docuseries or when the next episode will air.

Watch “ChixDoc Ep. 1” below.