Styles P is co-founder and co-CEO of a vegan-friendly juice bar franchise called Juices For Life and it PETA is giving it their stamp of approval.

PETA shared a video to their Twitter account giving fans a behind-the-scenes look at the New York-based juice bar. In the video, Styles talks about what led him to create the franchise. A lot of low-income neighborhoods are food deserts and access to healthy food is nearly nonexistent. Styles P wants to change all of that.

“I think eating clean, period, make you feel lighter,” he says. “If I show you all the neighborhoods where my homies eat you’ll see a food desert, nothing to eat. You’ll see supermarkets with barely any organic products. Food access in these communities are horrible. We have to go to [an] upper-class neighborhood to get some asparagus and, you know, kale.”

Styles also credits being vegan with keeping him healthy and feeling good.

“It keeps me going, it keeps me tickin’, it keeps me motivated, it keeps me feeling good,” he says. ”Respect plants. Respect animals. Watch what you eat.”

This isn’t the first time Styles and PETA have collaborated on a project.

He was apart of their campaign to promote vegan eating back in 2018.

“A plant-based diet kinda makes your soul lighter,” he said in the video. “I had a newfound respect for all life.”

Styles also states that he understands the mistreatment of animals, especially being a black man in America.

“Coming from a poor community and [as] a brown man, I fully understand mistreatment,” says the Beloved rapper. “It kinda made me have a deeper understanding for the animals.”

A fourth Juice For Life location is set to open soon in Brooklyn, New York.

Check out the behind-the-scenes footage of Styles P’s Juice For Life juice bar below.