K Camp’s record “Lottery (Renegade)” has gained major traction. The record’s popularity can partly be attributed to a dance that was made to the song, which has since gone viral. The dance is called the “Renegade” and was made up by 14-year-old Jalaiah Harmon, who recently received recognition from K Camp himself.

The producer responsible for creating the beat for the record is named Reazy Renegade.

“Thank you Jalaiah and Skylar for helping make lottery the BIGGEST song in the world. Tell the blogs eat it up!” he wrote on Twitter.

New York Times reporter, Taylor Lorenz, shared a video on Twitter of Jalaiah as well. In the clip, the teen is seen doing the dance that she created, which can now been seen reenacted all over social media, especially TikTok. “14-year-old Jalaiah Harmon does the original version of Renegade dance that she choreographed in her Atlanta bedroom last fall. Months later, it became one of the biggest things on the internet and she got no credit,” Lorenz wrote.

Lorenz did a profile on Jalaiah for The New York Times, where she explained the teen’s dance background and not receiving credit for the dance she created. “She trains in all the traditional ways, taking classes in hip-hop, ballet, lyrical, jazz, tumbling and tap after school at a dance studio near her home in the Atlanta suburbs. She is also building a career online, studying viral dances, collaborating with peers and posting original choreography,” Lorenz wrote.

Jalaiah also shared that she wanted to receive credit for her work. “I was happy when I saw my dance all over,” she said. “But I wanted credit for it.”

She continued, “I posted on Instagram and it got about 13,000 views, and people started doing it over and over again.”

“I think I could have gotten money for it, promos for it, I could have gotten famous off it, get noticed,” Jalaiah later explained. “I don’t think any of that stuff has happened for me because no one knows I made the dance.”

K Camp dropped the record in June of 2019 and it appears on his Wayy 2 Critical album.

Check out K Camp’s post below.