Irv Gotti is bringing the story of Murder Inc. to our television screens. On Wednesday (Feb. 12), Irv announced that he is currently developing “Murder Inc. The Series.”

“Y’all Ready!!! I promise to tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth so help me GOD,” he wrote in an Instagram post.

”The rise. The fall. The feds. The beefs. The love. The hate. The wins. The loses. Everything will be told,” he continued. “And it’s a TV Series. Cause I’m telling the whole entire story. The beginnings with nothing. To the Glory Years. To times that was like A LIVING HELL. Y’all Ready for it? A HIP HOP STORY!! #murderinctvseries.”

Murder Inc. was one of the most successful record labels in hip hop. Artists like Ashanti, Ja Rule, Lloyd, and Charli Baltimore were apart of the superstar roster.

The label’s success began to crumble once federal agents raided their offices for evidence to prove that Irv was money laundering. The case went to trial in 2005 and Irv and his brother were acquitted by a jury for all money laundering charges.

In 2017, the music mogul took to Instagram and announced a partnership with Kevin Liles and 300 Entertainment for the official relaunch of Murder Inc.

”MURDER INC has formed a Partnership with the guys who I had all my success with,” Gotti wrote in the May 27 post. “I’m beyond blessed and excited to be Smashing with my guys. Who truly know me,” he added. Gotti also announced the label’s first artists, including D.C. rapper Boogie Byrd and the Atlanta rap duo Fitted Circle.

Currently, Irv is producing a television series on BET called “Tales.” According to BET, “Tales” is a “scripted anthology series of song stories. The show uses lyrics of hip-hop songs and reimagines them into mini-movies, each featuring a unique director, screenwriter and cast.”

Check out Irv’s post below.