The legend of Lil B continues.

After releasing 30 Wit a Hammer last month, the Bay Area veteran is already back with his second project of 2020. Titled Trap Oz, the somewhat-conceptual offering sees a whopping 37 new tracks from the self-proclaimed Based God. The release also contains the usual stream-of-consciousness rhymes that Lil B has become well-known for, as can be heard on the self-produced single “Harry Potter”:

Flexing Harry Potter, I was trapping with a fox/

Got a couple chickens and I got a small dog/

Left out my house then went back to the hood/

It’s all good/

Got a few cats and I got a couple hens/

Picked a couple grapes and I’m trapping again/

Your body and feel it in your spirit/

Just listen…/

If one word can be used to describe Lil B, it’s prolific — the man has managed to churn out more than 60 releases over the past decade, garnering one of the most loyal fanbases within hip hop. Prior to that, he was an integral member of The Pack, who — with the aid of Too $hort — saw moderate success thanks to singles like 2006’s “Vans” and “I’m Shinin.” In addition to music, Lil B has written a book, become a motivational speaker and even delved into the political realm. Add in the infamous ‘Lil B curse’ and its effects on the likes of Kevin Garnett and James Harden, and you have arguably one of the greatest artists of our era.

Press play on Trap Oz below.

Trap Oz Tracklisting

1. Im Kanye

2. Harry Potter

3. Save the Planet

4. Im So Happy

5. By Myself

6. VIP Dance

7. Upside Ya Head Based Freestyle

8. Roll It Up

9. Bird on My Shoulder Based Freestyle

10. The Perfect Woman

11. Love Pain

12. Tin Man

13. Yellow Brick Road

14. Lions Tigers Bears BasedGod

15. Dorothy Thick

16. Still Searching for That

17. Berkeley Soul

18. Street Spirit Newspaper

19. Lost With the Boss

20. Persian Rugs

21. Roll It

22. Outkast

23. Building My Own House

24. Cheese Board Pizza Berkeley

25. The Clown

26. Why Is the Pink Panther

27. Finding New Teritory

28. The Big Island Jam

29. Wosah

30. Fenty BasedGod

31. Out This World

32. Now We Are in Space

33. Pirates Party

34. Detroit Party

35. Drinks on Me

36. Get the Dogs

37. East Oakland in the Winter