Make no mistake. Trav has been in the music game this entire decade, going all the way back to his earlier days with G-Unit and subsequent falling out with 50 Cent (which has a history that’s apparently much deeper than hip hop). Fast forward to today, and the Queens artist is cooking up quality tracks of his own, having already connected with the likes of NAV, Tory Lanez, Meek Mill, Jim Jones, Belly and Blac Youngsta for some solid, club-ready cuts fans can enjoy (many of these collaborations can be found on Trav’s 2017 release, QRAK).

This year, Trav is looking to make heavy landfall via his new project Nothing Happens Overnight, which is set to be available at the end of February.

For now, we’re able to check out his new single “Real N***a Party,” which features Chicago star Lil Durk and sees the collaborators rapping about the things they get involved in in regards to the streets:

“All the money I spent on war, I coulda bought a Patek/

And I told these boys to fold, they don’t want no static/

Showed your gun and you ain’t shoot, you a flash dancer/

I’m a gangster and a goon, I’m a gang banger/

B***h I’m quick to grip the pole, make it click and blow…/”

The accompanying video — directed by No Future — sees Trav and Durk performing the song in different settings while clips of a child witnessing the reality of Trav’s enterprise takes place in real time. It’s a perfect match for the crawling production and song’s dark, straight-to-the-point subject matter.

Press play on “Real N***a Party” above. New York hip hop is in the midst of a new-age renaissance, and you can expect Trav to be a part of that resurgence that’s taking place right now.