Three 6 Mafia is back and ready to hit the road for a reunion tour.

According to Billboard, Juicy J and DJ Paul are reuniting and taking their talents on a United States tour. The pair is set to hit the road in March and make stops in Denver, New Orleans, Cleveland, Charlotte, Minneapolis, and St. Louis through Memorial Day weekend.

“Yeahhhhhh! The Mafia back on the slab,” DJ Paul tells Billboard. ”This a must see! We want everyone to come and be a part of history. We have been one of the most hits makin’ — most influential groups of all times! We’ll have more dates announced soon, [but] we need all real Mafia fans to tap in and turn up! Go grab some Hypnotize Minds gear and don’t meet me there, beat me there!”

“Three 6 Mafia is back together in 2020 – we’re about to light it up.” Juicy J adds. “Grab y’all tix now and come see the Oscar Award winners, Three 6 Mafia live!”

Juicy made recently headlines when he apologized for promoting drug usage in his music. Following the death of Juice WRLD, Juicy J tweeted, “If I inspired anybody to do drugs, I apologize.”

Juicy has talked about his recreational drug usage in the past.

During a 2014 interview with City Pages, he explained, “I do not do drugs constantly and I’m not at the strip club every day, no… I smoke weed, you know what I’m saying, but I do things responsibly. I’m not gonna overdose on any drug. I’m not a crazy person like that. I’m responsible for whatever I do. I enjoy living, you know what I’m saying? And you have to be smart about everything you do. You can’t be stupid. You drink too much water you could kill yourself. You could OD on water. It’s true. You never overdo yourself on anything. You gotta be responsible if you like living on this earth.”

The group will also headline the Beale Street Festival in the beginning of May. Click here for all of the tour dates.