Remy Ma sat down with Wendy Williams and talked about new music that she’s working on, women in hip hop, and the upcoming season of REVOLT TV’s “State of the Culture.”

Remy did confirm that she is working on new music for her new album. Williams asked Remy about possibly working female artists on her new album. When Williams asked if Remy was cool with Eve, she said that she didn’t have any issues with her or any other female rappers.

“I really don’t have any issues with any of the women,” she said. “I think that right now, is a great space for women in hip hop in general and the problem is that sometimes I think it’s the other people on the outside that’s like ‘oh, don’t work with her because you’re gonna get her higher’ or ‘don’t work with her cause you don’t need her.’”

She continued, “It’s never really the women. When I met City Girls they were super cool. I talk to Cardi all the time and we run into we have mutual friends, but it’s like when it comes to working together, it’s other people that have their hands in it.”

Remy also talked about the upcoming season of REVOLT TV’s “State of the Culture” show. The Bronx rapper says that the show is different than other shows because she and her co-hosts, Joe Budden, Jinx, and Eboni K. Williams, keep it unfiltered and raw.

“So ‘State of the Culture’ what we try to do is, we wanna be that voice for the culture that’s unfiltered. A lot of times you have these different outlets and these blogs and everyone scared to say how they really feel because of backlash. They try to say the popular people opinion. We talk about music, we talk about sports, we talk about politics, we talk about everyday happenings.”

State of the Culture” returns with new episodes Tuesday (Feb. 18) at 10 p.m. ET only on REVOLT. Check out her interview below.